The Cupola

Sleeps up to 4 guests

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The Cupola 01749 891 152

The octagonal Cupola tent is 4m in diameter and is perfect for a group of 4 friends.

Before making a booking, please ensure you have read, understood, and agree with our Booking Terms & Conditions.

This package includes:

  • Single beds with luxuriously comfy mattresses
  • Warm duvets with gorgeous linen and fluffy pillows
  • Towels and heavenly toiletries
  • Carpeted floors
  • 13amp socket
  • Mirror
  • Fresh flowers by your bedside
  • Room lighting

Please note that tickets to the festival are not included with the Accommodation and must be purchased directly from the Festival itself.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Please agree to the following before booking with us.

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